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Personal Inventory: Why your job search must start with one

Don’t you find job searching in these trying times to be frustrating? How do you know how, or where, or with whom to even begin? The latest guest on the Kati Hyer Show says you must start with a personal inventory to get clarity.

Why a “personal inventory?” It will give you clarity on what you have to bring to a new job, and what gaps there might be that you need to fill out.

A personal inventory is a must for your next career move.
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A personal inventory is an examination of yourself. Make a list of skills, connections, and your education.

💡Inventory your skills.

First up on said personal inventory is what you can do. What can you do from your job, your side hustles, your hobbies and your volunteer work? List everything even if you haven’t been paid for it. It will bring you insight on talk the things you have to offer.

💡Inventory your connections.

For this part of the personal inventory, think of all the connections you already have. Your friends from back home. Your connections at church. The moms and dads at your kids school. All of these people are connections that might help you discover new opportunities. Make a list of all your connections. If you’re wanting to go into a new industry and you don’t have any connections there, the personal inventory has given you clarity on a gap in your resources.

So find a networking group associated with your industry online or in person and start there.

💡Inventory your education.

Look at what you’ve learned both in traditional educational settings and on the job. What certifications do you have? What classes do you need to fill out a certain knowledge base?

There are tons of free resources available to you online, through apps, and in organizations in the towns near you. Take advantage of these resources so you can bring your future employer more value!

Use the personal inventory to get clarity

Use the personal inventory to get clarity on what you and only you uniquely bring to the table, identify gaps in skills and education, and start conversations with the people you’re already connected with to move you forward in your job search.

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