Author: katihyer

S1E9: Is the wealth gap really a belief gap?

Did you know that women invest later, less, and less aggressively than men? Add to that the fact that women make on average 82 cents for every dollar men earn. What’s behind this? In this episode, we ask if the Proverbs 31 Woman knows anything about investing, talk about the meaning of the word ‘profit’, […]

S1 E6: Productivity for working women

Ladies – what’s going on with your money? In this episode of the Kati Hyer Show we jump into productivity hacks, balancing work and family, and ask fact or fiction?: “women can have it all.” Productivity tips discussed in this episode:1. Wake up early! Get up before everyone else so you have a moment to […]

Treating your money differently in 2021

As seen on If there was any New Year that brought with it the desire to do better with money, it was this year. 2020 was a nasty wake-up call for most of our wallets. Most realized what worked with our money in good times didn’t actually work all the time. For that new […]