S1 E5: What to do if the stimulus is a game-changer for you

Wouldn’t it be nice if the stimulus was just a cherry on top, and not a dire need? It doesn’t have to be a dream – it can be reality. You just need to do 3 important things, including no more borrowing, getting your emergency fund in order, and for believers – to tithe. <3 Plus, you’ll understand the Pantry Challenge and hear a money miracle. That story proved to Dave and I that God is truly involved in our money, and gave us the confidence to tithe for good.

This episode of the Kati Hyer Show is full of hope, tactics, and the scripture.

Finally, the scripture I feature in this episode is Proverbs 31:14, which reads “she is like a merchant ship, seeking her treasures from afar” and the Keil and Delitzsch Old Testament Bible Commentary is so good, and you can read it for yourself here.

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