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Personal Inventory: Why your job search must start with one

Don’t you find job searching in these trying times to be frustrating? How do you know how, or where, or with whom to even begin? The latest guest on the Kati Hyer Show says you must start with a personal inventory to get clarity. Why a “personal inventory?” It will give you clarity on what […]

The Budgeting Hack That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

My favorite budgeting hack You’ve heard me wax poetic about mi amor para los budgets. The deal is, a love of budgeting doesn’t mean it was always easy. In fact, we found budgeting extremely frustrating at first, as do most new budgeters. That is until we began using my favorite budget hack: just think ‘it’s next […]

Shame and money mistakes: How to free yourself

 Have you ever wondered where the word “shame” comes from? All the way back to its earliest traceable history, the root of shame means ‘to cover,’ because when you are ashamed, you want to hide, cover yourself from other people’s view. Inadequate, disposable, unworthy.  These are the things shame can make you feel. Friends, my […]