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S1 E2: Relating with money, together

My hermit of a husband Dave came on the show in this episode! Don’t worry, I cleared it with him before I called my recluse man a hermit publicly. How we manage our relationships determines much of our success, because who we surround ourselves with matters. In this episode we confess there were plenty of […]

Introducing the Kati Hyer Show

Ladies, what is going on with your money? Do you know how much is in your bank account? Are you in debt– scary debt– and don’t know where to start? How about your career, are you advancing as you’d like, or have you hit a wall?  The Kati Hyer Show is here to help. Each […]

Shame and money mistakes: How to free yourself

 Have you ever wondered where the word “shame” comes from? All the way back to its earliest traceable history, the root of shame means ‘to cover,’ because when you are ashamed, you want to hide, cover yourself from other people’s view. Inadequate, disposable, unworthy.  These are the things shame can make you feel. Friends, my […]

An Ever-Growing List of Side Hustles

We made pennies together when Dave and I first began trying to tackle our debt. Since we didn’t earn enough from our regular jobs to make a big enough dent in our mountain of student loans, we took on the almighty SIDE HUSTLE! Dave did not appreciate the “gifts” our canine guests left all over […]

Budget Myths You Must Bust

Call me crazy but I love budgets. By the time we are five minutes into sipping coffee together, you will know: I love budgets, budgeting, and busting budget myths, and I think you should too. Did reading that make you just spit out your coffee?  Track with me. How the average person feels about budgets […]

What Poker Can Teach Us About Life

Winning in life and the 7-2 offsuit Let’s talk about poker. There is so much we can learn in life from a simple card game, even if you have never played it. What does a game typically known for high stakes gambling have to do with life? A lot actually. The methods players use to […]