Author: katihyer

S1 E11: Can I be generous even though I’m still paying off debt!?

Swallowed pennies, car-eating squirrels, and holes in roofs, oh my! Hear about the 9 real emergencies our family faced in the past five years, and how having an emergency fund made all the difference. You can listen to The Kati Hyer Show as a podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or any […]

S1 E8: How one pro doubled her salary in three years

Raises, shmaises. Is it even possible to get a salary bump and better title these days?! Actually, one woman used a three-step approach to doubling her salary in three years, and you can follow the plan, too! Show notes This episode of the Kati Hyer Show is full of hope, tactics, and the scripture that […]

Personal Inventory: Why your job search must start with one

Don’t you find job searching in these trying times to be frustrating? How do you know how, or where, or with whom to even begin? The latest guest on the Kati Hyer Show says you must start with a personal inventory to get clarity. Why a “personal inventory?” It will give you clarity on what […]