Dave and I remembering the dog sitting

An Ever-Growing List of Side Hustles

We made pennies together when Dave and I first began trying to tackle our debt. Since we didn’t earn enough from our regular jobs to make a big enough dent in our mountain of student loans, we took on the almighty SIDE HUSTLE!

Dave and I remembering the dog sitting

Dave did not appreciate the “gifts” our canine guests left all over the house when we dog sat for a side hustle. But hey we’re debt-free now, and that rug in the living room was a free secondhand find, anyhow!

Side hustles, gigs, second jobs, and third jobs give us the extra boost in our income to overcome debt, provide security when our first job is shaky (or gone altogether, hello 2020!) and help us gain skills while earning an income. Just use what skills you already have to serve someone. Trust me, someone needs your skills!

  • Uber
  • Dog sitting
  • Garage sales
  • Refinishing free furniture and reselling
  • Teaching English online
  • Police officers: Security details
  • Babysitting
  • Teaching exercise classes at the local gym
  • Tutoring
  • Working at a bakery
  • Landscaping/mowing lawns
  • Washing cards
  • Dog walking
  • Heck, dog grooming!
  • Playing music at events