I’m Kati – Personal finance speaker, author & coach


Kati and Dave met and got married in college, where they blissfully signed for whatever financial aid packages came their way. That was the only option anyway, right?

They followed their dreams to Paris, France, and quickly realized how nightmarish their life had become. The bills caught up and ife didn’t slow down, and they were caught in the middle, with a new baby, no jobs, no housing, and $154,000 of student loans./

It was a mess.

The good news, is after 5 years of white-knuckle hard work, they finished paying it all off in 2020!

Now, as a financial coach standing on God’s word and her own debt-free story, Kati helps women move forward in their financial journeys using Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. She and Dve are parents now of four kids their story gives people the hope, encouragement, and accountability they need, when they need it most.

Kati speaks, writes, coaches, and teaches on YouTube and any podcast near you. Check out the show!

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