10 questions to ask your spouse to get on the same page with money

  1. What was the subject of money like in your house growing up?
  2. If you found $100, would you rather spend it or save it? On what, and why?
  3. What do you wish you had been taught about money before moving out of the house?
  4. What does a dream vacation look like to you? Who is there? What are you doing? When would it take place? Where would you go and not go? And how much would it cost?
  5. What is something that stresses you, concerns you, or all-out freaks you out around the subject of money? There are no wrong answers, by the way!
  6. What about kids? Should kids get paid for chores, why or why not? If so, which ones? How much should the tooth fairy get paid for picking up a pearly white?
  7. Parents: Do you think you could or should support your parents in their golden years? Is that a dream or a dread? How much, how often, and how soon?
  8. What does your dream retirement look like? House, car, hobbies, location, age, income, everything. Dream big!
  9. What does your dream job look like? Role, industry, responsibilities, income, sector, physical location, team, everything. Dream big!
  10. What does your dream life look like? House type and size, work-life balance, kids, working in or out of the home, food, and health, education, role at church and in the community, everything. Think big!